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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive an act of kindness?

Any NHS worker who is a member of our Front Line Rewards app is eligible to receive your generous donation. We explain how this works below...

How do donations work?

For every £10 that is donated, we'll randomly select a memer of the NHS to reward with a £10 gift card of their choice, redeemable at over 120 brands. For donations under £10, we will combine your donation with others, up to the £10 amount.

How much can I donate?

You can donate as little, or as much as you like, with a minimum of £2.

Why am I being asked to pay a card fee?

In order to award the full amount of your donation to an NHS worker, you can choose to cover the transactional card fee. If you don't choose to pay this, we will deduct this from your donation amount and award the rest to an NHS staff member.

Will they receive the full amount of my donation?

Yes! Absolutely every penny of your generous donation will be awarded to an NHS staff member who has an account with Front Line Rewards, minus any card fees where you choose not to cover this cost.

How do you ensure only NHS workers receive the donations?

Only members of our dedicated app with genuine NHS email addresses will be eligible to receive your donations.

How will my donation appear in my bank statement?

The payment will be taken by 'Reward Me Now', which is what will appear on your bank statement. This is the benefit app that powers Front Line Rewards, which is how your donation will be allocated to a staff member of the NHS.

Who are Reward Me Now?

Reward Me Now is an employee benefit app, created by Redu Group, which powers the Front Line Rewards app. We created a dedicated app to reward key workers, which also allows the public to support the NHS frontline staff via donations during these difficult times.

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